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Past, Present and Future
The Visions of
Daniel and Revelation
Also published under the Title “The Kingdoms of the Lord”
“The Kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord
and of His Christ and He shall reign forever and ever.”
“And I saw heaven opened and a white horse and he that sat upon it was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he judges and makes war.
And I saw the beast and the kings of the earth gathered together to make war against him.” Rev 19:11,19
Copyright Roland Pletts
All rights reserved.
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ISBN 978-1-291-10980-1
“And there was war in heaven Michael and his angels fought against the dragon and the dragon and his angels fought back. But he was not strong enough, and they lost their place in heaven. The great dragon was hurled down – that ancient serpent called the devil or Satan who leads the whole earth astray. He was hurled to the earth and his angels with him.” Rev 12:7 NIV
“Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name, Your Kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors. And do not lead us in to temptation but deliver us from the evil one. For yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory for ever. Amen.”
Certain things can be learnt form this prayer for those who trust in God: God is our Father God; He has a Kingdom; that Kingdom is coming on earth; He is active in the affairs of men; He forgives us when we forgive others; there is an “evil one” who seeks to destroy us but we are protected by God; God’s Kingdom will last for ever.
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The author spent four decades of ministry in Africa working among different ethnic groups and with different churches.
Cover Art work by author.
Introduction – The War for the World - A Storm is Coming – Page 5
How to Understand the Book of Revelation – Page 7
Outline of Revelation – Page 13
ACT 1 – In the Beginning – page 26
World History, Angels Good and Evil, Abraham and Israel, The Birth of Jesus.
ACT 2 - The Great Kingdoms of History – Page 36
Daniel - Statesman and Visionary, the Roman Kingdom, The Holy Roman Empire, The Byzantine Empire, the Final Kings.
ACT 3 - A United Europe - The Unfulfilled Dream – Page 43
The Reformation, The Rise of Prussia and Russia, The Second World War, The European Economic Community, The Babylonians and Banking.
ACT 4 - Israel - Mistake or Divine Plan – Page 54
The Great Religions, The Crusaders, Mamluks and Ottomans, Daniel’s Prediction, The Planting of a new Fig Tree – a New Nation, Rev11, The Seventh Trumpet, The War of the Fallen Angels, Sign of Israel, Angels of Wrath
ACT 5 - The Calm Before The Storm – Page 74
The Beasts of Rev 13, First Beast, Number & Mark, The Mark of the Emperor, The Number of the Beast, Apostate Religion, The Goat that talks like a Dragon, New Age, Evolution, World Crises, Breakdown of Society.
ACT 6 - The Nations Face Judgement - The Gathering Storm – Page 97
The Feasts of God, Passover, The Day of Atonement, Judgement is Imminent, The Fall of the Church, Ancient Religion, When Men Become “gods”, New Age Teaching, The Occult, The Church and Repentance, Daniel’s Prayer, The Feast of Purim.
ACT 7 - The Final Act – page 113
The Sun Turns Dark, Secret Societies, Omens and Signs, Third World War, Daniel’s Confession, What are the Alternatives? The Eye of the Storm, What Shall We Do? Even So Come Lord Jesus The New Heavens and Earth.
Chart of Daniel’s Visions – 130
Chart and Appendix1 - The Last Three and a half Years - 131
Chart of the 70 Weeks of Daniel 9 - 132
Appendix 2 - Israel in Prophecy -133 Appendix 3 - 134
Some scripture references - 135
Some significant dates – 137
WAR FOR THE WORLD - Global Weather Warning - A Storm is Coming
During the last 2000 years a great war has been fought for the world. Michael and his angels are fighting the devil and his angels. Who is Michael? He is the Archangel but what does that actually mean? He is the Prince of Israel. Daniel 12:1. His name means “Who is like God” and is an OT synonym for Jesus who in the OT was called the Angel of the Lord of Hosts, the Captain of the Armies of God, the Lord of Resurrection. In the days of the apostle John Jewish people believed Michael represented Messiah. Jesus has two offices: High Priest and King. Melchizedek prefigures His priesthood and Michael His Kingship, as Lord of Hosts and Captain of the Armies of God. (see Appendix 3) What has he been doing these last 2000 years? He has been at war. In every generation a great spiritual war has been fought by the “beast” and his kings against the Lord and His Kingdom. Millions of believers have fallen in the battle; persecuted, hounded, martyred. But the day is coming when he will prevail and they will be raised in resurrection and His Kingdom will be established forever.
Some people say “There has always been trouble; it’s no different today than it has always been”. (2 Peter 3:14) Yes, there has always been trouble but today it is different than ever before. Dear reader, just switch on your TV and watch the news. What will you see? - War, violence, murder, riots, earthquakes, droughts, floods, crime, famines, civil unrest, revolutions, famines, pestilence and much more. Go to your entertainment channels and what will you mostly see? - murder, crime, pornography, occult, abuse, swearing, loose sex, immorality; this is what many people watch as entertainment.
Stop and think about it. It is truly frightening or do we accept this as normal? Is this the world we want for ourselves and our children? The Lord will allow the harvest of sin to ripen to its awful fullness so that all mankind will learn and understand that the ways of selfish lawlessness ultimately leads to sorrow, destruction, pain and death. He will allow us to go on hurting ourselves with our loose morals and sinful “freedom” and to continue fighting and killing one another until we grow weary of it. Self centred lives with no morals or discipline will ultimately self destruct. The Universal laws do not support it. Only when the full horror of the harvest of sin impacts us and we cry to God will He intervene. When the crop of pain, disaster, malice and hurt ripens then He will reap a harvest; first the tares and thorns, then the wheat. [Matthew 13:24-43]
As we go further into this century massive crises loom. Most people do not understand that unseen forces are at work gathering together invisible powers to unleash a storm of such magnitude that it will forever change the face of the planet. The world will never be the same afterwards. It is only Jesus who can quell the storm, none other.
The question we must ask is where can we find shelter when it breaks? Most of us have at some time heard an early-warning weather report announcing an impending storm, hurricane, gale or raging fire out of control. Tragedy occurs when such early warnings
are ignored; property is destroyed and lives lost. Those who take heed and find shelter are those who are wise. But where can we find refuge? To whom can we go for safety? Long ago a man called Jesus spoke of these times and gave us an early warning. He also told us the place of safety. This book looks at the current world situation and how we got here and considers the implications of present events. It points to the only course of action that can be taken. (Lk.21:25,26; Matt.7:24-27)
Another man, an unskilled fisherman named Peter, warned “Save yourselves from this crooked generation”. (Acts 2:40) The message today comes with intense urgency. The storm will soon break. This book helps to understand the pattern of history and gives advice as to what every person can do. May it bless you with hope and give you comfort. Have courage and faith.
It is not easy to present these things in a way that is easily understood. I am aware that there will be those who will not accept this book and no doubt some will be critical of it. To them let me say that I do not claim to be a prophet and neither do I pass judgment on anyone. I offer this book as a contribution to understand the times and seasons in which we live. This book does not pass judgement but observes the events of history, the conditions that currently prevail and the general state of mankind. I am in the same boat as the rest of mankind. The storms are coming and the boat we have put our trust in for so long is sinking and many people have no life jackets. Only the Captain can save the passengers and the whole boat as well. When the storms come He is still able to walk on water! (John 6:19-21)
During my life long ministry I have at times come in contact with and seen both angels and demons. They are real and all around us. I have glimpsed the activities of spiritual beings both good and bad. I have also been through a war and seen first hand, starvation, genocide, anarchy, murders and martyrdom. We need our spiritual eyes opened to discern what is happening. Few people are able to look beyond the obvious news headlines to see the true nature of events. However there is growing awareness among people that something astounding is about to happen. Daniel 12:10 says “None of the wicked shall understand but the wise shall understand.”
Back in the late 1960s and early 1970s I started ministry on Bible Prophecy. I predicted and taught from scripture that East and West Germany would be reunited. At that time people doubted this and a friend from West Germany told me that he completely discounted it. Yet when it happened in 1989 it was swift and unstoppable. I predicted the collapse of the Soviet Union. Again I was told I was wrong, yet it happened at great speed and nothing could prevent it. I foretold the coming division of Jerusalem. Once more I was told it was not likely yet today there is what is called “the Wall”, a long fence and high concrete wall that stretches for many hundreds of kilometres from the north of Israel to the south right through the suburbs of Jerusalem. I also taught the rise of Islam, oil as a means of world blackmail and the prophetic significance of Syria. I
gave talks about coming world financial collapse. Again these things were then considered unrealistic. Over the years I have changed some of my thinking but I offer this book as a help to understand the book of Revelation and present world events. After all, Revelation is a “revelation” or “unveiling” and is intended to be understood. Some teachers of Biblical prophecy say that the events of Revelation are mostly still in the future. However, I believe it has mostly been fulfilled and we await only the final three and a half years of Daniel 12 and Revelation chapters 11,12 and 13.
“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that who so ever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life. God did not send His Son to condemn the world but to save the world.”
Nothing will change God’s love, “He is the same yesterday, today and forever.”
Through history we read of many great kingdoms and powerful kings, warlords, conquerors and despots that have come and gone. But there is another Kingdom that presides over all others and will last forever. (Dan 7.) Many people are unaware of it and its laws, citizenship and authority. They do not know its King. Yet they can, it is not a secret, all can find it if they search for it. Jesus said
“Seek ye first the Kingdom of God” and, “If anyone hears me and doesn’t obey me, I am not his judge - for I have come to save the world and not to judge it. But all who reject me and my message will be judged at the day of judgment by the truths I have spoken. For these are not my own ideas that I have spoken but I have told you what the Father said to tell you. And I know His instructions lead to eternal life.”
His kingdom has existed for a very long time. The first reference to it is right back at the start of recorded history when a mysterious man called Melchizedek met with the patriarch Abraham the Father of Faith. It was shortly after a great battle between Abraham and four infamous earthly kings who in their wickedness captured Abraham’s family and stole his possessions. Abraham was vastly outnumbered yet he won a great victory and on his triumphant return was met by this mysterious man, evidently someone of great omnipotence. He was called King of Righteousness and King of Peace. True righteousness always produces lasting peace, they go together. Peace will never come without righteousness and justice. Melchizedek offered Abraham bread and wine, the emblems of covenant. We are told more about this extraordinary person in the NT book of Hebrews. Not only was he the Righteous King of Peace but also High Priest of the Most High God, “Possessor of Heaven and Earth”. It is His Kingdom of power and glory that will last for ever and have no end. His throne is the throne of David and He will order and establish it in judgment and justice forever. Blessed are those who belong to that Kingdom. (Matt 5-7) You can belong to that kingdom if you choose to yield your life to the King and obey Him. It is available for everyone, even the thief who was
crucified with the King and who in the closing moments of his life called upon Him and was given assurance that he was welcome. (Luke 23:43) The choice is yours.
The greatest theme in Biblical prophecy is the Messiah our Lord Jesus; His birth, family lineage, ministry, death and resurrection were all foretold long before they took place. On the day of his crucifixion many prophetic details were fulfilled; he was betrayed by a friend, sold for 30 pieces of silver, scourged, falsely charged, pierced yet without a bone broken, his garments were divided by lot, he died and was buried with the rich, and then rose on the third day. Great chapters in the OT Biblical prophecies came to pass just as predicted; Psalm 22, Psalm 2, Psalm 118, Isaiah 53, Zechariah and many more.
There are a thousand different views on what the book of Revelation means. Many people approach it with a “Western Mindset” and have all kinds of concepts such as philosophical, astrological, literal and allegorical, eastern mysticism, new age, Gnostic, esoteric and many more. Some see it as a kind of vision of the inner soul’s spiritual evolution, others as a figurative story of mankind’s future. Revelation can mean anything, unless one stays within the historical cultural origin of the book which is Jewish. I do not believe one has to be a psychic, scientist, a mathematician, a monk, astronomer or astrologer or have a university degree in Divinity to be able to understand it. But one must have a grasp of the Bible and a personal faith in the Lord of the Bible. After all, that is what the author of the book had, John the apostle. It can only be understood correctly from a Hebrew Jewish interpretation, it is not Gentile in anyway at all.
You may say that is too simple for such a difficult book with so many strange visions and symbols. Even many Christians disagree about what it means but this is because they try to interpret it using conflicting methods; pretrib, midtrib posttrib, amillennial, allegorical, literal all coming from a western mindset of theology.
Many people try and understand the book of Revelation without ever grasping its OT origins yet all its symbols and predictions come from the OT. If we do not first understand the OT foundations we will never fully understand Revelation and will end up with a distorted view of it. This is what has happened with much exegesis; it is faulty because it is not built upon correct foundations. One example of this is the attempt to cram all the events of Revelation into a final few years at the end of the age. This is just not possible; there is far too much to squeeze into a few brief years. Just the opposite is true, 2000 years has been squeezed into Revelation. I believe much of Revelation has already happened since Jesus ascended. There is a specific time of three and a half years mentioned in Revelation but it is wrong to think that the entire book is only to do with a few brief end time years of “tribulation”. It is intended for all the church and believers in every age. I suggest you read Revelation if you have not already done so.
One reason why people cram its contents into a short end time period is because they are ignorant of history and what has already happened through the last two thousand years. The great wars and persecutions of history in which countless millions perished were horrendous. Don’t tell me that Revelation is silent about them. Some Christians focus on the end times as if it is the only great persecution that will happen yet nothing can compare to the “great tribulation” that has occurred over the last twenty centuries. The many conflicts in Europe, the Crusades, the conquests of Islam and the great religious persecutions were awful events. World War 1, also known as “The Great War”, caused sufferings of unsurpassed horror. World War 11 was worse. Expounders of Revelation who say that the events in it are still in the future seem to ignore the present state of the planet. The planet itself has already been devastated. A third of the trees have already been destroyed, vast areas have been turned into deserts, multitudes of animals have become extinct, fresh waters and seas have already been polluted and depleted of their abundant life, and famines, pestilence and earthquakes have already killed millions. The “Black Death” Bubonic Plague killed a third of the population of Europe not to mention elsewhere. Many diseases ravage humanity. There have been numerous devastating earthquakes. We have also seen an amazing increase of knowledge, the development of nuclear power, the birth of the computer and the space age. Man has sent space ships to the moon with a message “We came in peace” yet mankind is unable to live in peace on this planet. The whole world is at war, there are hostilities everywhere, violence fills the earth and every nation is facing internal and external crises; ethnic, cultural, religious, economic, environmental crises and there are endless famines, disease and crimes against humanity. Never before has there been such a time as this. These things will increase until Jesus comes. He alone will establish peace, justice and a reign of righteousness. Many Christian books and films emphasize future horrors so much that we miss the promises of our loving God. Revelation is not about the destruction of the earth but about the salvation of the earth. It is redemptive and hopeful for the future of all mankind.
No prayer goes unanswered. (Ps 69:33,34:17) A child prayed that God would stop all the hate and fighting. When asked if her prayer was answered she said “God hasn’t done anything - yet.” As the prayers of believers ascended through the ages they fill the temple of God until the moment comes and God no longer delays. (Rev 8:3-5)
When John was taken “in the Spirit” he saw events and recorded them. (Rev 4:1) The Lord revealed things that would come “here after”. John wrote the book of Revelation in about AD96 and the things he saw therefore started long ago, right back in the first century AD and will continue until Jesus has established the Kingdom of God on earth. The people of that time had already witnessed earth shattering events. Jerusalem, the City of God, had been totally overwhelmed, the temple destroyed, the Jews evicted and the city turned into a Gentile centre. These horrendous events were followed by the destruction of the last stronghold of Jewish independence when Masada fell. These things were unthinkable for people of that time. They were followed by the sudden and
utter destruction of Pompeii in AD79. This shocked the entire Empire. Pompeii was the show piece of the Roman “civilization” of the day. It was a city of luxury and many rich and upper class Romans lived there or had holiday villas there. It is also known from archaeological evidence that there was much corruption, debauchery and sexual immorality practiced in the city. It was a city with a reputation for the high life with free morals and the worship of many “gods” much like many modern cities of our present era. It was destroyed when Vesuvius erupted with such suddenness that very few people escaped even though they had four days early warning from the volcano. This shocked the entire empire to its very core. It was universally considered Divine judgment. The smoke of the destruction was visible for hundreds of miles. Seafarers and merchant ships watched from afar and bewailed its sudden, violent destruction. John used this exact language to describe the demise of “Babylon the Great”.
John had himself experienced awful persecution under Emperor Diocletus. Many, many believers had already been killed. Emperor Nero had crucified tens of thousands of believers. The city of Rome had been turned into a vast slaughter house and thousands of crucifixes lined the streets. The words of Jesus “Take up your cross and follow me” literally came to pass. For believers all the signs were that the end of the world was nigh but more was to follow.
Roman persecution continued and eventually in AD135 the last Jewish residents in the land rose in revolt. They were led by Simon Bar-Kockhba also known as Bar-Koziba. He was considered by many to be the Messiah and his followers fought fiercely but the Roman armies were far too strong and hundreds of thousands were killed. Almost all surviving Jews were expelled. It fulfilled the words of Jesus “another will come in his own name and you will receive him.”
There are some Bible teachers that claim that the words to John “Come up here” depict the rapture of the church. (Rev 4:1-2) However, John was not taken away in rapture but was “in the spirit” and saw visions of things to come, the events that would unfold through the ages including the great spiritual conflicts and stupendous numbers of martyrs who would lay down their lives for the Kingdom. It was necessary for the church to understand these things and the great sacrifice of following Jesus. There would be no quick and easy intervention, for victory would be won at great cost. Revelation was not written to show Christians that they will escape tribulation but the exact opposite, to show them to expect great persecution and to be faithful in the midst of it.
John was not taken away in rapture and in fact it is traditionally believed that all the first twelve apostles were martyred. There are some who say that Paul and the other disciples were misled because they believed that Jesus was to return in their lifetime. It can be pointed out, however, that the Lord Jesus told Peter that he was to grow old and eventually suffer martyrdom. Paul also in the latter part of his life said he was ready to die for Christ and knew he would be killed. It is clear that the disciples were under no
illusion about Christ’s return for they constantly referred to it as being in the “end times” It was also universally understood that before Christ would return certain significant events must occur. Zechariah, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Amos and all the OT prophets explain that when Messiah returns the Jewish people will be back in the land. Jesus and the NT apostles including John in Revelation said the same thing. Paul also stated that a remnant of Israel will return and the “man of sin” would first be revealed.
It was necessary for John to see the visions of Revelation and share them with the churches so that believers of every age should understand these things; there would be no quick solution but a great conflict through the ages. It would require the sacrifice of many believers to spread the Gospel in every age to every nation and only then will the King return. The Jews, who had dispersed into the nations when Jerusalem was captured by Gentiles, will be gathered back to welcome the King. (Lk 13:35) It will be Judah and all Israel, both Jew and Gentile believers, who will “Bring back the King.” (2 Sam 19:11) The OT account of the rebellion of Absalom and king David’s eventual return is an analogy of Christ’ return.
There are Bible teachers who say that the “church” is not mentioned in Revelation. Yet they ignore many references to believers; those who will be killed, those who reject the “mark of the beast”, those who resist the beast and false prophet and are clothed in white garments, those who are called to “come out of Babylon” and those who “keep the commandments of Jesus”. They ignore statements of the Lord and the angels: at the sixth vial “I come as a thief, blessed are those who keep their garments.”(Rev 16:15); those “who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus (Rev12:17; “here is the perseverance of the saints who keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus” (Rev 14:12) ;“Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on” (Rev 12:13) ; “Their fellow servants and brethren that should be killed as they...” (Rev 6:11). These are all conveniently described by these teachers as Jews yet in context they are Christians, they believe in Jesus. Some teachers believe that Christians will be gone in rapture before these events yet there is no Biblical justification for this and it is derived from an assumption that Christians will escape the last few years of tribulation. If Revelation was not written to Christians why should it have been written at all or sent to the churches? When so many millions of Christians have suffered persecution, travail, and death why should God rescue a favoured few at the end? This idea is a popular theory that appeals to the escapist mentality of some western people who do not understand history or the symbols and message of Revelation. It does not stand up to the events of history or the reality of the times in which we live. The warning John gives to believers is “Anyone who can hear listen carefully. The people of God who are destined for prison will go to prison. Those destined for death will be killed. This is the time for endurance and faith. (Simplified Living Bible) In other words believers will be imprisoned and killed but “here is the perseverance and faith of the saints, New Standard Bible (Rev 13:10).
It is my belief that the great majority of the events of Revelation have already happened. There are no major prophetic events that need to be fulfilled except for the final three and half year period. The Abomination of Desolation is already there, for good reasons I doubt if there will be a rebuilt Jewish Temple before the Messiah and everything else will take its course. All the great prophecies have been fulfilled and the stage is set for the last act of the conflict between the light bearers and the hosts of darkness. We await the appearance of the final actors and the arrival of the King. This can happen very quickly. Everything is in place. As you continue to read you will see why I say this.
Have you ever asked the question “What on earth is happening?” To answer that question we need to first understand what is happening in heaven. Events on earth are the consequences of things that happen in the invisible spiritual realms. Revelation is not just about what happens on earth but what happens in heaven. There is a great spiritual conflict and this increases as the world moves towards the fulfilment of God’s plans. The spiritual conflict between the Kingdom of God and the kingdoms of darkness rages around the planet as demonic powers drive mankind to violence, deception, war and despair. Armies of angels hold at bay forces of darkness and prepare nations for the harvest that will come.
The book of Revelation is the concluding chapter of the Bible. The foundations were laid by Moses and the Prophets and then John drew from all that was previously written and with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit finished the final chapter. It needs no further addition. To understand it therefore one must relate it to the rest of scripture, it does not stand in isolation. As when an impatient reader skips through a book to read the last chapter first and thereby confuses the complete story so some would attempt to interpret Revelation without first understanding the preceding scriptures on which it is based. John was a Jew not a Gentile and everything he wrote was from a Jewish perspective. We will never understand Revelation unless we first have a good grasp of Old Testament symbols found in the Hebrew Feasts, in the plan and construction of the Tabernacle, in the sacrifices and in Jewish customs. Everything in the Old Testament is there for us to learn from and the symbols, customs and events are forerunners, shadows, types, examples, previews and echoes of what will be fulfilled. Aspect of all the OT Feasts contain prophetic truths and are seen in Revelation. This book only touches on some of these OT aspects, there is much more to consider.
It was John, the beloved disciple, who sat at the feet of Jesus and heard his teaching, received the visions and recorded them. To interpret the book with its symbols one must go back to the Old Testament scriptures. John used these scriptures and visions given by the Holy Spirit to depict what happened over the last two thousand years and will culminate during a period of three and a half years followed by a thousand years of “Kingdom Age” or “Millennium”. It draws together the “loose threads” and puts the capstone on the final revelation. I believe the return of Jesus to earth will establish His Kingdom with his people here on earth both Jews and Gentiles who believe in him. I see
His coming before the 1000 years of Revelation, “Pre-millennium”. I believe this is a literal period and is the “Day of the Lord” – a thousand years. I think it is wrong to take what the apostle John distinctly designates as 1000 years and change it to mean something that he did not say. Who are we to say that John, who sat at the feet of Jesus, was wrong? I believe the “coming down from heaven of New Jerusalem” is after 1000 years, Post-millennium. So the Lord comes before the 1000 years and New Jerusalem comes after the 1000 years. But the Lord will not rule during the 1000 years like an earthly king, He will rule in and with his people, His Shekinah Glory will be in and with them. (See my book Covenant of Glory) I also believe there is a period of three and a half years prior to this in which the Lord moves upon the earth in a mighty way. Just as there was a three and a half year period of Jesus’ ministry to prepare and introduce the “Gospel Age” so there will be another period of three and a half years to prepare and usher in the “Kingdom Age”.
God’s Kingdom has always existed from the beginning of time. It has grown and developed through the history of mankind. In the OT aspects of it were portrayed in the nation of Israel. When King Jesus was born and walked upon the earth it came in a new way, not in outward form but inward in the hearts of men and women. When the rulers of this world rejected Jesus they rejected his Kingdom for he brought it with him. When Pilate asked Jesus if he was a King he replied “Yes.” Pilate was told by Jesus that he had no real lasting authority because there was a higher authority that over ruled everything. When the disciples set out to spread the Gospel of the Kingdom of God they laid down their lives to do so. That Kingdom has been coming ever since through every generation and into every nation. The world is about to see the next great step forward in the establishment of that Kingdom upon earth.
We cannot understand Revelation without constantly referring back to the original OT scriptures. I have included some cross references to OT foundation scriptures for us to better understand what John meant when he referred to them. In a book such as this I can only achieve a very broad review of Revelation. There are many aspects and verses that I can not touch upon.
This is a vision of the Lord walking among seven candlesticks representing the churches, seven being a perfect and complete number. Jesus sent messages to the seven angels of the seven churches. These were seven actual churches that existed at that time. Out of seven churches five were instructed to repent; a sobering thought. Some say that these seven churches represent seven “ages” but I do not believe this is the main focus. I do think however that the messages have truth for all churches then and throughout history. I believe that John himself probably had personal links with these seven
churches. They were all very close to Patmos and John very likely had personal knowledge of their spiritual condition. In this book I am not looking at these verses, it would require a book on its own.
This is another vision of the Lord Jesus. John saw the most awesome scene ever beheld by human eyes; the throne of God. Around the throne were massed choirs of angels. Out of the throne proceeded lightning, thundering and voices. This is the great throne room of God pulsating and throbbing with the power of God. Seated on the throne is the most beautiful and awesome being, the Eternal Lord God Omnipotent. In His hand is a book sealed with seven seals. This description is based on Daniel 7:9,14 where we read of the “Ancient of Days”. The “Son of Man” is brought before him and receives an everlasting Kingdom to rule every kingdom including the great kingdoms of Biblical world history. Many of these kings have fought against him but he is Lord of creation and King of kings. In the midst of the throne he is the “Lion of Judah”, a Lamb who bears the wounds of sacrificial love; the nail prints, the bruised body, the cleft side. He alone is found worthy for he rose from death on the third day and ascended to heaven and sat down on the throne of power and glory. He now commands and rules the universe. One day every knee will bow before him.
THE BOOK OF LIFE - Chapter 6
The Lord took a sealed book from the one seated on the throne. This is the Book of Life written by the Lord Himself through history. It is first mentioned in Exodus 32:32,33. It is mentioned throughout the OT and is to do with the redeemed of every age. (Num 14:19, Dan 12:1) Those who oppose God are not written in it. It is also seen in Daniel 12. It contains the names of all who rise in resurrection. It has seven seals and the only person worthy to open them is the Lamb of God slain before the foundations of the earth. (Rev 5:6-13; 13:8; 20:12,15) Have you ever seen an angry Lamb? The most wonderful, meek, humble, loving, kind, gentle person who ever walked the face of this earth, the one who was nailed to a cross and responded with words of forgiveness for his enemies will one day rise from his throne and judge the world. God has given judgement to His Son. Many people have discounted the fact that there is a God of justice who presides over everything. Ultimately he will have the last say and he loves every single individual, will judge sin and show mercy to all who come to Him but will destroy all who oppose Him.
Seal by seal Jesus opens the book of life. Each seal releases events in history that culminate in the redemption of the planet and establishment of God’s Kingdom.
The first four Seals are four “horses and riders”. They come from Zechariah chapters 1 and 6. In the days of Zechariah God’s people had been scattered in captivity, suffered
persecution and many were killed. The horses and their riders were spiritual powers sent out for the recovery and restoration of God’s people. They were directly involved with the preservation of God’s people and their return to their homeland. It is to this that John, as a Jew, refers when he records the vision of the first four seals. They are messengers who go through the length and breadth of the world, for one purpose, to destroy those who oppose God and to protect and eventually recover the scattered people of God. They are spiritual powers under the direction of the Lord. They bring about events that move the world towards the end times. One thing many people fail to realise about Revelation is that it records great spiritual warfare in the world between angels and demons through the ages. When John wrote Revelation the nation of Israel had been entirely destroyed by the Romans and the survivors driven into Gentile nations to be hounded and persecuted. There were many Jews in the early church and it was also under severe persecution. Three more centuries of intense persecution followed and many millions of believers perished. But the church survived this horrendous satanic attack and believers far and wide gave their lives to spread the Gospel of the Kingdom of God. Churches were established in Antioch, North Africa, Spain, England, Ireland, throughout Europe, the Middle East, India, Ethiopia and many other places.
During this time the Roman Empire was invaded by various northern tribes; the Goths, Visigoths, Vandals and others and this caused great distress, insecurity and fear for the people of the Mediterranean nations. The once stable, secure and invincible Roman Empire began to crumble. Eventually in the fourth century a Germanic king ruled in Rome. There was some respite after the Roman Emperor, Constantine, was converted and declared Christianity to be the “official” religion but it did not last. After a few more centuries the rise of Islam became a serious threat to the established Church in many countries; North Africa, Arabia, Nubia, Spain, Syria, the Byzantium Empire to name a few. Wars began in Europe as Emperors and Kings fought for supremacy, followed by the Crusades which plunged the nations into more turmoil.
The great persecutions of the inquisition followed. Many millions suffered and died. Then the Reformation brought new life into the church and subsequent worldwide mission endeavour but not without great animosity, hatred and Christian faction fighting. The industrial revolution added impetus to new development and Empires were established throughout the world by European nations, the very nations of the old Roman Empire. The age of exploration took the Gospel to the furthest reaches of the world. Then the most apocalyptic wars of all time took place; the First and Second World Wars as well as the awful Communist genocides and the most horrendous Holocaust of all history, the destruction of 6 million Jews as well as millions of other innocent peoples including many Christians and others. Please don’t tell me that these things were not foreseen by John in the visions of Revelation. Most of Revelation has already transpired and people who understand history see this. The great Babylonian harlot system is not something belonging to a few end years but has dominated history for centuries as has the mark of “the beast”. More about this will be considered later in
the book. Through all the violence, brutality, killing, torture, pogroms, holocaust and destruction God’s people survived. During the last two thousand years the Gospel has gone to every continent and country and there have been believers in every nation. The ancient people of the Bible, the Jews, have returned to their original land. The stage is set and everything in place for the finale. Soon the curtain will lift to reveal the final cast of actors and the King Himself will step through the veil.
The four Seals in Revelation come from Zechariah. (Zech 1:8, 6:1-8) He saw “chariots and many horses”. Horses are a figurative term for spirit beings that do God’s bidding and protect and gather God’s people. (2 Kings 2:11,12 6:17) They are comprised of fire. They come from a word that means to leap or fly. There are four groups of these spirits (winds) that bring about God’s purposes; to scatter and gather, destroy and heal. (Zech 2:6, Rev 7:1) There is tremendous spiritual activity on earth (Eph 6:12) and these seals follow the order that the Lord Himself declared in Matthew 24:4-11; wars and rumours of war, pestilence, famine, death, suffering and persecution. Only then will the Lord return mounted on a white horse in flaming fire with his angels, and the armies of heaven also on white horses. (Rev 19:11-14) In historical times horses were considered powerful weapons of warfare and the number of horsemen in an army depicted its power much like today one counts the number of tanks or missiles. These horses are white and on fire. This army has already been fighting and continues to do so until Christ comes.
At the First Seal a white horse and its rider goes out as a warrior with a crown and bow who goes forth conquering and to conquer whereas Christ comes at the climax of these events and has a two edged sword, the Word of God, not a bow. This seal is a powerful spiritual being that conquers peoples and nations. It is significant how often worldly leaders are depicted riding a white horse as they lead their armies into warfare. Napoleon and numerous others are depicted in this way. Inevitably these conquerors end up causing great devastation and destruction of property and human life. Yet God has used them for His own purposes. God sets up rulers and takes them down. Angels are active over nations and decree what happens in them. (Dan 4:17 10:13,20) This happened through history; Conquerors and Emperors laid waste to nations.
At the Second Seal a red horse of war comes forth. The history of mankind and especially of the last two thousand years is one of almost continual war. Never has there been a period of peace. Jesus warned “there will be wars and rumours of war”. In 1939 as King George VI, trembling with emotion announced the start of World War II he said; “This war cannot be compared to any conflict in past history, when army met army on the battlefield. For the first time in mans’ history it is a war of nation against nation, kingdom against kingdom.” He used the exact words of Jesus in Matthew 24:7. Before it ended 50 million people were killed and the atomic age was ushered in at Nagasaki and Hiroshima. The awful cloud of atomic warfare over shadows our planet. The Second World War was in reality a continuation of the First World War. As Lord Grey, the British Foreign Secretary, stood in his London office watching the blackout fall on the
city he said, “The lights are going out all over Europe. We shall not see them lit in our lifetime.” Before that war was over 10 million had died. The Armistice was signed on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, 1918. Surely it was the 11th hour of the age as darkness fell upon the earth.
The prophetic significance of WW1 was the release of Jerusalem from centuries of Ottoman domination and Jewish immigrants began to return. WW11 brought about the rebirth of the nation of Israel after the horrendous holocaust of 6 million Jews, a third of their total population. This surviving remnant fled into the wilderness where a place was prepared for them, the direct fulfilment of Rev 12:6,14-16. As I will show in this book Hitler and the Nazi regime was part of the “seventh head” of the Beast of Revelation, the end time antichrist of the dragon of Revelation 12 who attempted to totally destroy the Jewish people.
The United Nations was formed as a world peace keeping force shortly after the end of WW11. A plaque presented to the organisation by the USSR quotes part of Isaiah;
“They shall beat their swords into plough shares and their spears into pruning hooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, nether shall they learn war any more.” It sounds good but is incomplete. It starts “He shall judge between the nations and rebuke many people.” (Isa 2:4)
The world rejected Jesus and continues to do so and peace will never come until he is acknowledges and obeyed. Peace is illusive because it is something that cannot be imposed upon people who have no inner peace. There can be no peace on earth or in the hearts of men until they make peace with God and yield to “The Prince of Peace”. But today people are in open rebellion against God and His laws and many don’t even believe in God. This is the great apostasy and “falling away” predicted for the “end times”. The world has rejected the only one who has authority to stop the violence, suffering and despair. Many people blame God for everything that goes wrong yet prayer is forbidden in schools and public places. We break His moral laws and under the guise of scientific knowledge continue to discount His very existence. We say we are enlightened but the cruel winds of violence, crime and war still howl across the planet as they howled around the cross that dark day in history when Christ was crucified.
At the Third Seal a black horse is let out that represents famine, food shortages and financial inflation in the midst of luxury. When people are disrupted the whole infra structure crashes and displaced people become refugees and productivity collapses, food is short and anarchy sets in. The disparity between rich and poor has long been a source of injustice and suffering. Through history there have been those who have sought to correct this imbalance yet it is greater now than ever. Stalin’s regime is an example of inept and corrupt dictatorship that destroyed the infra structure of whole communities and brought famine and poverty. Cultural revolutions elsewhere ravaged populations, society unravels and cities, farms and industry collapse.
The rider of this horse holds a balance in his hands indicating shortage of food and high costs of living. The increase of world population, misuse of natural resources, pollution, national upheavals and weather changes all contribute to famine, pestilence and insecurity, the collapse of economies and high inflation, unemployment and destruction of productivity hastens the rider onwards. In a world filled with materialism and luxuries millions are starving.
It took 18 centuries for the world population to grow from ¼ billion to 1 billion. It took 80 years for it to double, another 30 years to treble, and a further 15 years to reach 4 billion. It is now over 7 billion! This little planet is over crowded. Its resources are stretched to the limit. Most of the planet consists of oceans and they are already greatly depleted in life. The land masses themselves are often inhospitable; mountain ranges and ever increasing deserts and wastelands. The jungles and forests are being cut down and the rivers polluted. Added to this are significant weather changes experienced since the Second World War. Nuclear tests affected world weather patterns. The ozone layer has thinned through chemical pollutants and the delicate atmospheric balance has changed due to carbon and chemical pollution. Under these conditions it is increasingly difficult for nations to produce enough food. Much of the world is undernourished and millions of children die of starvation because of droughts, floods, war and disease. Many nations cannot grow sufficient food for their people. The big grain harvests of some nations are now dependent upon chemicals and genetic engineering. Genetic modification sounds good but it has hidden risks. One is that the modified crops are unable to propagate naturally. In Africa where I grew up the maize crop was able to generate healthy seed year after year. All one had to do was put aside a percentage of the crop to plant the following year. However, when new modified crops were grown this was no longer possible because the seed no longer germinated. The result was that the local people had no choice but to buy the new seed, unless they had kept some of the healthy original seed. When production of the modified seed failed the people had no where to obtain seed. Only those who still retained the original plant were able to grow another crop. Even though much of the world is poverty stricken some wealthy nations have an abundance of luxury. Materialism grips the hearts of millions yet in the midst of all this there is the imminent prospect of world financial crash. Don’t say that the world can go on as it is. If you think so then you are out of touch with reality. There will be a population collapse.
At the Fourth Seal a pale horse and its rider “death” kills with war, famine, and even the beasts of earth; the inevitable harvest of death and destruction follow these riders. Pestilence, plagues, disease, famine; these follow in the wake of war. John saw great devastation in his visions. A quarter of mankind dies. This has already happened through history. The “beasts of the earth” are not necessarily animals but are the great “beasts” symbolic of Gentile world empires. They are described in Daniel 7. We will look more closely at these “beasts” further on.
At the Fifth Seal we see persecutions of great multitudes through the ages brought about by the death of millions of believers who perished for resisting the wickedness of ruthless rulers and ungodly regimes. Since the death of the first martyr Stephen, multitudes have died for their faith in Jesus. Yet more follow and despite persecution in many nations the church continues to grow. Today many people still believe in Jesus and the Holy Spirit still brings renewal. God promised to pour His Spirit upon all flesh in the “last days”. (Acts 2:17) The past century, the 20th century, is considered to have been the century of greatest persecution. Yet in the midst of this many are complacent and non committal.
The Sixth Seal brings us to the sounding of trumpets and huge upheavals with heavenly omens. The sun, moon and stars are always pointers of the fulfilment of prophecy concerning the restoration of God’s people and the coming of the true Messiah. (Joel 2) Modern scientists monitor the unusual conditions that presently occur in the sun. These cause weather changes and are directly linked to earthquakes and volcanic activity. The sun has a magnetic field that works in an eleven year cycle. During magnetic disturbances huge amounts of radiation are projected into space and bombard the earth. These flares can often be seen as huge dark spots. Upheavals in the sun have huge affects upon the planets and solar system. The Bible describes the sun turning dark and great pillars of cloud on the earth. Since WW11 the planet hangs under the threat of nuclear war. The shadow of such awesome power threatens to darken the sun and the moon. Man has always been a killer for it is his fallen nature. First men sharpened rocks and killed one another. Then they made spears and knives, followed by gunpowder and now the atomic bomb. Scripture seems to indicate that one day nuclear power will be used in a destructive way. This has already happened; the awful events at the end of WW11. (Joel 2:30,31, Zech 14:12) In 1962 and again in 1982 the USA and Russia came within seconds of exchanging nuclear missiles. That is how fast it can happen. We are once more facing a time of looming conflict and if nuclear war breaks out only the Lord can save us.
Chapter 7 – John described the great number of faithful who endured the suffering through the ages who are sealed by God. When we consider the last two thousand years we realise that these events are already largely fulfilled. The notion that the “tribulation” lasts seven years at the end is just not consistent with history. Nothing can compare to what has already happened. The idea that the church is taken out of an end time tribulation is false and based on a western philosophy of “escapism”. Please don’t tell me that the Lord is going to rapture the church to escape the tribulation. The Church of Jesus Christ has already suffered the most awful persecutions of all time. Literally millions of believers have already been killed because of their faith in Jesus for they “loved not their lives to death”.
John records the number of God’s servants on earth who are sealed. The number 12000 x 12 = 144,000 is I believe a symbolic compliment of perfection. It is extraordinary how many cults and sects claim to be this number and how many of them discount that Jewish people are still God’s people or participate in salvation. I believe this is a Biblical number conveying completion and perfection of all believers. They are sealed both Jew and Gentile, those who are pure, undefiled, spiritually “circumcised”. It portrays those on earth who have endured persecution and been sealed by God. They are numbered, indicating that God knows each and every one of them. It comes from Numbers chapter 1 and other similar scriptures such as Ezekiel 9. Before judgment fell on Jerusalem the righteous were sealed and thereby protected. So much emphasis seems to be given to the “mark of the beast” by some Bible teachers yet this amazing protection and seal that God gives His people seems to be entirely ignored by many exponents of Revelation.
After this John saw another great multitude in heaven before the throne of the lamb that could not be numbered, “from all nations, tribes, peoples and tongues”, the Gentile believers that could not be numbered so vast is their number. (7:9) This is a preview of the great harvest of believers throughout the age. They carry palms which point to the fulfilment of the Feast of Tabernacles or Booths. This is a view of the great harvest and establishment of God’s Kingdom.
Chapter 8 - 10 – THE SEVEN TRUMPETS
At the Seventh seal there is silence. (Zeph 1:7,Hab 2:20, Zech 2:13) “The Lord is in his Holy Temple let all the earth keep silence before him.” (Psalm 46:10) “Be still and know that I am God: I will be exalted in the earth.”
This silence is in preparation for the most awesome event of history. It was foreseen in the OT at the Day of Atonement when the High Priest entered the temple “Holy of Holies” to make atonement. While he was in the temple there was absolute silence and the whole nation was still and in prayer. Only when he came back out was there great rejoicing.
The world and its billions of people are always on the move; rushing from place to place with work, industry, business, pleasure and all the necessary activities of life. As the eye of the storm settles a time will come when all will become still. Because of cosmic upheavals that occur at the return of Jesus I believe a time will come when all our modern sophisticated technology will not function and the whole world will stop rushing. Almost all our technology is dependant upon electrical fields and magnetism. Computers, satellites, communications, weapons, banks and business, engines and most other things will be silenced. Invisible energy bombards the planet. The sun does not only give us light and heat but gigantic magnetic sun storms push radiation into the solar system that can affect even our mental abilities. This is because we all are dependent upon electrical energy and magnetism. Every organ in our bodies including the brain has a magnetic field. When the brain has no electrical charge it is considered dead. Many
people suffer when there are severe thunder storms because of the build up of electrical charge in the atmosphere. Some suffer when there is a major magnetic storm which can also disrupt satellites, radios and other technology. The whole planet is dependent upon the sun not just for heat and light but solar energy. The electrical fields of the earth are linked to the solar system and the sun. Have you ever been somewhere when the electrical power grid has failed? If it is night then the lights go out, the TV, computer and stove do not work, lifts fail; everything comes to a stop. This will happen at the Lord’s return. The Lord will switch off the power and everything will come to a stop; there will be silence. Nothing will work, the bedlam will cease as it did at the storm on Galilee. Mark 4:37. The raging waves of humanity will end; people will be overcome with awe and fear.
To understand the significance of the trumpets one must understand the OT Feast of Trumpets. Trumpets were used at different times; to warn the people of danger, to call the people together, to prepare them to move, to overcome their enemies and to call them to repentance for the Day of Atonement. The Jews believed that at the sounding of the Trumpets the names of the righteous were sealed in the Book of Life. The Trumpets were the last call to repentance, to get right with God and one another, to pay off debts, confess sin, seek forgiveness and Eternal Life. This is what Trumpets represent in Revelation, a call to the world to repent and prepare for the Day of Atonement; Judgement Day. They are a wake up call to everyone.
The consequences of the Trumpets are all partial events upon vegetation, the sea (probably a reference to the Mediterranean Sea), fresh water supplies, the sky turns dark (maybe with pollution), a conflict ensues in the area of Euphrates (the Middle East area, Syria, Turkey, Iraq and Kuwait) which becomes the arena of huge destruction. People who interpret Revelation as futuristic will say this is still in the future. However, taking into account the apocalyptic language John used to describe these vivid visions they are in my view events already mostly fulfilled. Take cognisance of the rise of Islam with armies that marched through the Middle East and the Crusaders in their wake, followed by the Mamluks, the Ottoman Empire, the European armies during the Great Wars and the subsequent wars even to recent times. Vast desolation was caused to the land, rivers and seas. Also bear in mind that sun, moon and stars have symbolic meanings linked to Israel which we will consider more fully later. As a matter of interest when armies conquered these various lands they destroyed the vegetation by cutting down trees which were used for fuel and war. Then they taxed every tree left so that land owners cut down those remaining. The land, sea and fresh water were devastated and this has happened again and again world wide. For example, during the Vietnam War chemical toxin was sprayed from planes that destroyed large swathes of forests. The world 2000 years ago still had a pristine virginity about much of it but now almost everything has suffered terribly. Vast forests have been destroyed. I have personally witnessed this in my life in
Africa; where once beautiful forests grew now there are brambles and thorns. However, the Trumpets still await total fulfilment for once they begin they continue to sound until Jesus comes. The destruction of vegetation and water continues. The star called Wormwood of the third trumpet pollutes fresh water. The explosion at “Chernobyl in Russia is significant for Chernobyl means Wormwood in Russian. The threat of nuclear pollution is still real as we have seen in the more recent Japanese disaster. Wormwood is a Biblical description of judgement. At the fifth trumpet smoke pours out of the “bottomless pit”. If one is looking for a literal fulfilment then one need look no further than the Gulf War. Hundreds of oil wells pumping oil from deep within the earth were deliberately set on fire and the sun obliterated over vast areas. The description of the warfare that followed could well fit our modern weaponry. All this is linked to the land of the Euphrates. (Rev 9:14, 16:12 During the gulf war a third of the population were casualties in one way or another and there is still no peace for it opened the “Pandora Box” of ethnic and religious fanaticism in the Middle East. The “kings of the East” are preparing.
The Seventh and final Trumpet sounds over a period of time; it will start to sound at the beginning of the last three and a half year period and the full blast will happen at the end of that time. This trumpet is of great significance. Paul the apostle refers to this trumpet and John also. It is called the “last trumpet” and comes from the OT. (1 Thes 4:16, 1 Cor 15:52, Rev 10:7, 11:15) We will look again at the Seven Trumpets later.
THE FINAL HALF WEEK THREE AND A HALF YEARS - Chapters 11-13 – Daniel 9-12
These chapters describe the last three and a half years, 42 months or 1260 days during which the Lord will intervene in a mighty confrontation with Satan. This period is foretold in Daniel 12. Jesus himself taught directly from Daniel 12 indicating its authenticity as the Word of God. (Dan 12:1 – Matt 24:21) This is a literal period and there is absolutely no justification to say otherwise. It is in fact the last half of the 70th week foretold in Daniel 9:24-27. The first three and a half years were fulfilled by the Lord Jesus at his first coming. The second half is to be fulfilled at his second coming. (See Appendix 1) Many preachers on Revelation emphasize this period as the rule of antichrist yet ignore the verses that describe the authority and power of the Lord during it. To really understand these chapters there are no shortcuts, we first have to fully understand the prophecies of Daniel. So read Daniel. We will consider this in more detail later. (See my book “Covenant of Glory” which explains this period.)
TWO GREAT PROPHETS - Chapter 11 – Zech 4
This describes the ministry of two great p

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Uskovana ei tulisi lainata vaan antaa rahaa, Jumala ei ole lainaaja vaan antaja,

Jos olen velkaa jollekin enkä pysty maksamaan takaisin olen kahleissa silloin olen orja,  olen tunteiden ja alatuksieni orja, ja välttelen sitä jolle olen velkaa,

Mutta Jumala on rakkaus, voimme puhua rakkaudesta mutta kun rakkautta pitäisi ilmentää niin se onkin toinen juttu, jos tiedän että veljeni on kahleissa, ja tiedän että minulla on mahdollisuus vapauttaa hänet, silloin minä pidätän niitä avaimia.

Jumala antoi kaiken kaikesta että me voisimme olla vapaita, Hän antoi oman poikansa, Jumala on sorrettujen puolella hän on niiden puolella jotka ovat kahleissa,

Tärkein asia on että on kansakunta joka kulkee vapaana,

Jeesus sanoo että mikä tahansa maanpäällä sidottu se on sidottu taivaassa, ihmettelemme miksi emme voi tuntea Jumalaa, Jeesus sanoo mikä on sidottu täällä...

Sidotut suhteet, yksilösuhteet tulee olla kunnossa, myös suhteet toisiin tunnustuskuntiin, sekä yksilötasolla.

Ehtollisasetuksessa Paavali sanoo monet ovat sairaita ja monet nukkuneet pois, Miksi? koska emme oikein erota Kristuksen ruumista, missä se on se on täällä veljemme ja sisaremme, meillä on ennakkoluuloja, pelkäämme mennä veljemme luokse ja sanoa anna minulle anteeksi, sen sijaan me menemme ja sanomme minä annan sinulle anteeksi, silloin asetan itseni asemaan että minä olen oikeassa ja sinä olet väärässä.

Mitä sinun suhteeseesi kuuluu mitä se veli siellä tai Isäsi tai tuttusi, jollet voi olla vapaa tällä tasolla et voi olla vapaa Jumalan suhteen, jos sinulla on ongelma mene ja sovi veljesi kanssa, et voi ohittaa Jumalan Järjestystä, jos asenteemme on en pidä tuosta niin silloin en pidä yhteyttä hänen kanssaan, Uudestisyntyneenä ei voi enää kävellä pois kun joku ei miellytä, tai näin ei ainakaan tulisi olla, Jumala saattaa meidät vastuuseen meidän suhteistamme.

Kun olemme poissa järjestyksestä suhteessa toinen toisiimme silloin olemme pois järjestyksestä myös suhteessa Jumalaan.

Jumala haluaa tehdä jotain sinun elämässäsi, mutta hän ei voi tehdä sitä niin kauan kuin sinä kannat pahuutta sydämessäsi, jos minä tunnustan syntini, on helppo ajatella syntiä ja lakaista se maton alle ikään kuin sitä ei olisikaan, mutta Raamattu on selvä tässä asiassa, jos minä tunnustan syntini, niin Jumala on vanhurskas, ja antaa anteeksi ja puhdistaa minut kaikesta epävanhurskaudesta.

Jos suhteeni maanpäällä on sidottu en tunne iloa Jumalan läsnäolossa ennen kuin olen vapaa, Jumala niin paljon rakasti minua että hän vapautti minut, meidän täytyy päästä vapauteen, päästä siitä että ihmiset tulevat säälittelemään meitä, ihmiset manipuloivat ja kontrolloivat meitä, kahleidemme ja heikkouksiemme kautta,

Rukoile: Isä auta minua katsomaan omaan elämääni, että voisin kutsua kaikkia ongelmiani oikealla nimellä, Synti  että voin tunnustaa sen, ja elää anteeksiannossa, jos olet sidottu jos on asioita joita sinun tulee sopia jonkun kanssa, niin tunnusta Jumalalle että nyt sinä haluat tehdä oikein, mitä tahansa se sinulta tuntuu niin ota yhteyttä siihen henkilöön ja pyydä anteeksi, siteistä ja synneistä vapauta ja anna voima tehdä asiat oikein ja sinun tahtosi mukaan, älä murehdi seurauksista, älä sitä mitä ihmiset ajattelevat vaan mieti mitä jumala ajattelee,Jumala olen tehnyt syntiä sinua vastaan puhdista minut ja päästä minut vapaaksi.



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12 henkivaltaa


Pastori Michael Howard
14.4.2006 Hankasalmi
Raamatussa mainitut 12 päähenkivaltaa


1. Orjuuden henki (Room 8:15) 
Spirit of bondage
- pelot (esim. pimeän pelko)
- Iisebelin luonne
- rikkinäisyys, itsetuhoajatukset
- hengellinen sokeus
- riippuvuudet
- himo
- kontrolli
- vankeus, kahleet (Room 7:23)

2. Pelkuruuden henki (2 Tim 1:7)
Spirit of  fear
- murehtiminen (esim. huomisesta tai rahasta)
- ahdistus
- kuolemanpelko
- paniikkikohtaukset
- liiallinen alemmuudentunne
- hermostuneisuus
- kammot ja pelot (esim. ahtaanpaikan pelko)
- piina (esim. yölliset kauhukohtaukset, painajaiset)
- usein suora seuraus okkultismista!
- ihmiset jopa menehtyvät lopun aikana pelkoihinsa! (Luuk...)
- ylikriittisyys toisia kohtaan, toisten mustamaalaaminen, ”selkään puukottaminen”
- perfektionismi, liiallinen itsekriittisyys
- erakkous
- neuroosit
- hermoromahdus
- hermokivut, hermotulehdukset (voi johtua myös vitamiinien ja kivennäisaineiden puutteesta)
- dementoivat (=muistia heikentävät) tilat
- skitsofrenia ja kaksisuuntainen mielialahäiriö
-noituus, woodoo

3. Mykkä ja kuuro henki (Mark 9:23-27)
dumm and deaf spirit
- epilepsia
- hulluus, kuunvaihetauti
- kouristuskohtaukset
- itsensä runteleminen
- valittaminen, uikuttaminen
- veden pelko
- itsemurhahakuisuus

4. Murheen henki (Jes 61:3)
spirit of heaviness
- masennuksen henki
- murha, suru
- ei huolehdi ulkonäöstään, pukeutuu tylsästi / huonosti 
- esim. raiskauksen uhrin on tunnustettava syntinsä ja tehtävä parannus, niin hän ei tule kantamaan tapahtuneesta haavaa ja murhetta!
- toivottomuus, lannistuminen
- hylkäämisen tunne
- sikailu, syöminen, mässäily
- masennuksen henki ryövää meiltä ilon ja voiton
- aseita vapautumiseen: tanssi (2 San 6:14) ja riemuhuuto (Esra 3:11)
- uskovat ovat ylihengellisiä ja siksi masentuneita. Pitäisi olla ”tavallisia” ihmisiäja tehdä iloa tuottavia asioita!

5. Heikkouden henki (Luuk 13:11)
spirit of infirmity
- kyyryselkäisyys
- hauraus, kykenemättömyys
- sairaus, joka toistuvasti tulee takaisin
- infektiokierre
- astma, heinänuha, nenän sivuonteloiden tulehdukset (eivät tietenkään aina)
- sairauden pelko altistaa heikkouden hengelle (esim. syövän pelko)

6. Kateuden henki (4. Moos 5:29-30)
spirit of jealousy
- luulevaisuuden henki, mustasukkaisuus
- juoruilu, ”selkään puukottaminen”
- viha, vihamielisyys, julmuus
- hamuaminen, himo (esim. luottokortin ylenmääräinen käyttö)
- vieroksunta, paheksunta toisia ihmisiä ja jopa Jumalaa kohtaan

7. Sekasorron henki (Jes 19:13)
perversive spirit
- perverssion henki
- saa aikaa hämmennystä (ei pysty vaeltamaan suoraan totuudessa vaan vesittää Jumalan absoluuttisen totuuden)
- vilpillinen kieli (San 15:4) (engl.käännös: vääristynyt kieli haavoittaa hengen.)
- saa näkemään kaiken päinvastoin kuin todellisuudessa asiat on
- turhaa puhetta, turhamaisuutta, hölynpölyä (San 23:33)
- himo (kuuluu myös tähän ryhmään)
- moraalittomuus
- seksuaaliset vääristymät, prostituutio
- itserakkaus
- Sekasorron henki on salkavala: se saa asian näyttämään ja kuulostamaan hyvältä ja oikealta, vaikkei se ole.
- kapina, väärä opetus (Room 1:28-32)

8. Vainaja- ja tietäjähenki (Apt 16:16.) (3. Moos 19:31 )
familiar spirit
- tekeytyy valkeuden enkeliksi
- on tuttavallinen (käyttäytyy ja puhuu kuin sinä)
- ennustajat
- veden etsiminen varvulla (Hoos. 4:12)
- tietäjä, loitsija, taikuri
- noita, velho
- hypnotisointi
- meediot, spiritismi
- astrologia
- vatsasta puhuminen
- henkioppaat
- Paholainen voi parantaa, muttei voi antaa iloa ja rauhaa.

9. Haureuden henki (Hoos. 4:10-11)
spirit of hordem
- porttous, prostituutio
- riettaus
- aiheuttaa sekä fyysistä että hengellistä prostituutiota
- rakkaus maailmaa kohtaan (2 Tim. 4)
- rakkaus asemaa tai sosiaalista statusta kohtaan
- rakkaus rahaan, ruokaan, ruumiiseen

10. Ylpeyden henki (San.16:8)
spirit of haughtiness (pride spirit)
- ylpeä mieli (=ylpeä henki) käy lankeamuksen edellä 
- ylpeä, pilkallinen, loukkaava
- ylimielinen
- rehentely, uhoava puhe
- uppiniskainen, niskuri, itsepäinen
- riitaisa
- omavanhurskas, ylpeä
- diktaattori, kontrolloiva, manipuloiva
- dominoiva, Iisebelin luonne
- Jumala vihaa eniten ylpeyden henkeä, sillä se oli Luciferin ensimmäinen synti!

11. Valheen henki (2 Aik. 18:22)
Lying spirit
- tuo voimakkaan harhan
- näyttää ja kuulostaa hyvältä
- turhan puhuminen, tekopyhyys, imartelu
- uskonnollisuus!
- uskonnollinen kiivaus
- tarut, taikausko
- turhat fantasiat

12. Antikristuksen henki (1 Joh 4:3)
spirit of antichrist
- väärät kristukset ovat henkiä
- eri asia kuin Antikristus, joka on henkilö
- vastustaa Jumalan Sanaa
- vastustaa Jeesuksen ihmisyyttä ja täydellistä voittoa ristillä
- tuo vääriä tapoja sovittaa synnit (esim. lapsikaste, konfirmaatio)
- sitoo ihmiset kirkkolakeihin ja tapoihin Raamatun vastaisesti
- hyökkää sellaisia henkilökohtaisa todistuksia vastaan, jotka kertovat Jeesuksen veren voimasta


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Kommentit (1)Kommentoi

Paikka nimeltä taivas
05.08.2008 21:25

Gary Woodin vanhemmat olivat alkoholisteja, paras ystävä kuoli väkivaltaisesti hänen kaulansa katkaistiin. Gary oli autokolarissa 23.12.1966. Hän ajoi kotiin ja pikkusisko oli mukana.  Gary törmäsi 10 tonnin rekan kylkeen, rekka oli pysäköitynä moottoritien sivuun tuona iltana. Kaupunki jossa he olivat oli keskellä peltoja. Rekka näkyi niin huonosti että sisko näki vain puskurin kiilon. Hän varoitti, mutta liian myöhään.

Tuntui kuin tiiliseinä olisi tullut vastaan. Auto meni aivan haitariksi.

Gary muistaa, kuinka nousi ruumiistaan, kuolema ei tuottanut kipua. Kokien ensin kipua, kuin räjähdyksen, terävän kivun kaikkialla kasvoissa, sitten vapautuen kaikesta kivusta. Oli kuin olisi ottanut vaatteet pois ja pannut ne syrjään.

Hänet imaisi ylös todella suuri pyörivä tunnelin muotoinen pilvi. Todella kirkas levollinen valo ympäröi hänet ja hän alkoi nousta ylöspäin.

Sitten hän kulki pitkin polkua kuin lentokentän käytävää pitkin. yhtäkkiä hän kuuli laulua, se oli mahtavinta laulua mitä hän oli kuullut.

Enkelit lauloivat "Teurastettu karitsa on arvollinen saamaan kunnian ja vallan, viisaus ja herraus olkoon Hänen ikuisesti, aamen ja aamen."

Et ole kuullut mitään ennenkuin kuulet miljardien enkelien alkavan palvoa ja ylistää Jumalaa.

Mahtavin ajatus joka voi täyttää mielesi on Taivas ja kuinka päästä sinne, Kiitos Jumalalle ettei tarvitse hapuilla pimeässä, vaan Jumala on antanut meille sanansa valoksi ja lampuksi poluillemme.

Gary muistaa katsoneensa tuon kaupungin perustusta. Se oli kokonaan Jaspista ja Jalokiviä. Jokainen perustus, niitä oli 12,  oli eri jalokiveä. ja hän luki Apostolien nimet kaiverrettuina noihin jalokiviin.

Sitten hän näki helmestä tehdyt portit.

Raamatusta  me näemme kaupungin mitat ja eräs tutkija oli sanonut että sen tilavuus on yli 4 miljardia kuuutiometriä, siihen mahtuu 78000 kerrosta, sinne mahtuu mukavasti 100 miljardia ihmistä.

Gary näki oman asuntonsa, siellä olohuoneen kaltaisessa tilassa oli kolme maaliämpäriä hänen ystävänsä (mies joka oli kuollut aiemmin väkivaltaisesti) kastoi kätensä maaliin  ja pyyhki sen seinään, siihen tuli kaunis kukkakuvio. Gary heitti koko ämpärin sisällön seinälle, koko huone tuli täyteen kukkien tuoksua, se tuoksui ruusuilta. Ystävä sanoi ettei Gary saisi asuntoaan vielä, hänen pitäisi palata maahan.

Silloin Gary lähti ulos ja käveli katua joka oli puhdasta kultaa. Se oli läpinäkyvää, ei keltaista vaan läpinäkyvä.

Gary meni kirjastoon taivaassa. Siellä oli kaikenlaisia kirjoja. Kun joku vastaanotti Jeesuksen Vapahtajana ja Herrana maailmassa, enkeli otti rievun ja pyyhki pois kaikki rikkomukset ja teot , jotka tuo ihminen eläessään tehnyt.Heidän nimensä kirjoitetaan Karitsan elämän kirjaan. Gary näki kun ihminen otti maailmassa vastaan Jeesuksen. hän näki enkelin saavan siitä sanoman ja pyyhkivän pois synnit. Gary näki oman nimensä elämän kirjassa.

Hän näki rukouksia sisältäviä kirjoja, hengellistä kasvua käsitteleviä täällä maailmassa, siellä siis laitetaan ylös kasvammeko vai pelkästään katselemmeko saippuaoopperoita. ja sielut jotka olemme voittaneet herralle.

Hän näki myös munkinlaisia kirjoja, me opimme taivaassa jatkuvasti. ei oppiminen lopu siellä, opimme jatkuvasti.

Hän näki Jumalan valtaistuimen ja 24 vanhinta istui sen ympärillä. Hän oli huoneessa jossa  oli ruumiinosia, kun hän meni sinne sanottiin "omistamattomia siunauksia". Kun hän avasi oven hän näki käsiä jalkoja ja kaikkia ihmisruumiin osia.

Hän kuuli lauluja taivaassa ennenkuin ne tulivat maailmaan. Ne pudotetaan jonkun sydämeen, joka ottaa ne vastaan ja laulaa ne Jumalan kunniaksi. Muusikot tulevat raskaaksi lauluista.

Taivaassa keskitytään palvontaan. Puut taputtivat ja kukilla oli kasvot ja ne lauloivat, ylistivät ja palvoivat Herraa. Siellä ei ole mitään epätäydellistä. Rauha on täydellistä.

Jeesus antoi Garylle ohjeita ennen taivaasta lähtöä. Hän käski tehdä hänet todelliseksi maailman ihmisille. ja lähetti hänet takaisin sanoman kanssa jossa on kolme eri aluetta.



Gary Wood kirjoittaa kirjassaan: A Place called heaven (Paikka nimeltä taivas)

kolmesta merkistä tai asiasta jotka tulevat tapahtumaan ennen Jeesuksen toista tulemista.

1. ensimmäinen on että tulee ennalleen asettamisen henki koko maahan, silloin tuhlaajalapset palaavat kotiin , ole valmiina siihen.

2. Hän (Jeesus) sanoi että tulee rukouksen henki, Hän näytti kuinka rukoilla, än käski rukoilla" Kirjoitettu on", ja omistaa, niin se tapahtuu. Hän näytti minulle demoneja kaupunkien yllä, ja kuinka pommittaa taivasta vastaus rukouksin.

3. Hän sanoi että tulisi ihmeitä enemmän kuin koskaan ihmisen historiassa on nähty.

Kaikki nämä kolme asiaa toteutuvat samaan aikaan merkkeinä hänen välittömästä paluustaan.

Gary ei halunnut palata, mutta hän palasi koska hänen pikkusiskonsa rukoili Jeesuksen nimessä. se on kaikkein voimallisin nimi maailmassa. hän oli kuullut, kun hän rukoili kaikki enkelit olivat palvomassa Herraa. Äkkiä he lopettivat ja vetivät esiin miekkansa. He olivat valmiina lähtemään ja kuulemaan Jumalan lapsen ääntä, kun hän käytti Jeesiksen kallista nimeä.

Näin tähystyspaikaltani kuinka demonivoimat vapisivat maailmassa. Ne vapisivat pelosta kun uskovat käyttivät Jeesuksen nimeä.

Kun hän palasi, Gary kiidätettiin sairaalaan, missä hänet tutkittiin ja arvioitiin. He havaitsivat että terävä reuna oli leikannut nenän pois. Kasvoihin ommeltiin 100 tikkiä. Leuka murtui kolmesta kohtaa. Niska murtui kolmesta kohtaa. äänihuulet ja kurkunpää ruhjoutuivat. Lääkärit sanoivat ettei hän voisi koskaan enää puhua, puhumattakaan laulamisesta.

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Uudelleen avioituminen
23.11.2010 11:54

 Lain merkitys, miksi laki annettiin?

ihminen ei pysty pitämään lakia.

sapatti on ihmistä varten eikä ihminen sapattia varten.

meidän ei ole tarkoitus pitää kiinni lain kirjaimesta.

ennakkotapaus lainssa.

korkeanpi syy joka antaa oikeutuksen

Minkä teologian mukaan paavali teki päätöksen ettei timoteusta pidä ympärileikata.

Aabraham kutsuttiin kun hän ei ollut ympärileikattu.

Jeesus sanoi teidän sydämenne kovuuden tähden Mooses salli kirjoittaa erokirjan mutta ALUSSA näin ei ollut.

Miksi Jumala antoi sabatin että voisimme levätä.

Alkuperäinen tarkoitus miksi Jumala kaiken alunperin teki

Meidät on vapautettu kaikista lain taakoista ei lain tarkoituksesta.

Onko nyt sabatti, on mutta kukaan ei sitä mittaa. koska Jeesus täytti kaiken lain ei meidän tule rikkoa lain tarkoitusta mutta meidät on vapautettu lain kantamisesta koska Kristuksessa mekin olemme täyttäneet lain.

uudelleen avioituminen

Miksi emme enää ympärileikkaa ihmisiä. Paavali sanoi ympärileikkaus on TEKOJA.

ette tule Jumalan lapsiksi sen mukaan mitä itse teette.

sillä hetkellä Judaistit haluavat pakottaa lain, armosta te olette pelastetut ette itsenne kautta ettei kukaan kerskaisi.

Miksi Paavali kuitenkin ympärileikkasi yhden tyypin.Paavali teki siinä hetkessä teologiaa. se ei ollut ennakkotapaus mihinkään.

Paavali oli vastaan sitä että laitetaan jotain ylimääräistä ihmisten päälle.

Pietari oli talon katolla,  Jumala tarjosi kaikenlaisia eläimiä jotka olivat lain mukaan saastaisia. Jumala sanoi kaiken minkä minä olen luonut on puhdasta. mistä Jumala sen sai raamatun alusta.

Laki aon annettu ihmisen turvaksi ei siksi että ihminen olisi lakia varten vaan laki ihmistä varten

Aabraham kutsuttiin kun hän ei ollut ympärileikattu, joten on olemassa tämä periaate ettei ihmistä ympärileikata. vaikka lain mukaan pitäisi ympärileikata.

Pietarille sanottiin että kaikkea mitä Jumala on luonut voi syödä näin on olemassa periaate että kaikkea voi syödä jopa hämähäkkejä tai epäjumalille uhrattua.

Meidät on vapautettu kaikista lain taakoista ei lain tarkoituksesta.

Onko nyt sabatti, on mutta kukaan ei sitä mittaa. koska Jeesus täytti kaiken lain ei meidän tule rikkoa lain tarkoitusta mutta meidät on vapautettu lain kantamisesta koska Kristuksessa mekin olemme täyttäneet lain.

Raamattu ei puhu uudeelleen avioitumisen puolesta koska se on ihmisen turvaksi ei lakihenkisessä merkityksessä. mutta kyse ei ole sen luokan asiasta etteikö Jumala voisi tuoda kahta ihmistä yhteen vaikka he ovat eronneet. 

1Alkuperäinen tarkoitus eli aika ennen syntiin lankeemusta kaikki oli hyvin ja kaikki oli hyvää.


3Ilmestys vanhan liiton kautta.

4Kristus tulee ristille.Ristillä Jeesus sanoi se on täytetty.

Valtakunta on nyt mutta ei vielä Jeesus tulee takaisin.

5 Jeesuksen toisen tuelmisen välinen aika.

Tämä on pelastuksen päivä.

Tulee olemaan päivä kun ei ole olenää pelastuksen päivä.

Onko sinulla se kaiki on mutta ei vielä sinulla on lupaus siitä kaikesta.

Kun katomme eteenpäin emme katso enää sitä mikä oli takana koska kaikki on tehty uudeksi.

Meidän tulee tuoda kristuksen läsnäolo maan päälle kun ihmiset katsovat seurakuntaa he eivät näe organisaatiota vaan Kristuksen.

Jos ymmärtää raamatun kokonaisuuden näkee että laki annettiin ihmistä varten.

Laki on kyllä hyvä mutta aina miten sitä sovelletaan tarvitaan Pyhä Henki.

Voiko olla että seurakunnassa jos tulee kaksi paria jotka ovat eronneet kymmenen vuotta sitten ja rakastuvat  että he voisivat mennä naimisiin. laki sanoo että ei mutta voisiko siinä soveltaa sitä mikä oli alussa. voisiko Jeesus sanoa alussa Jumala sanoi ei ole ihmisen hyvä olla yksinään. ei voida päättä että tehdään ennakkotapaus asian johdosta vaan tarvitaan Pyhää Henkea.

Nykyään Uskovat liikkuvat kahden uhrin välissä vanhan liiton ja Kristuksen Eivätkä näe raamatun kokonaisuutta.

Sanotaan näin että laki on hyvä, mutta onko laki ehdoton jonka alle meidät on asetettu, vai voiko olla poikkeuksia. 

Esim Paavali sanoi ettei enää tarvi ympärileikata koska Aabrahan oli kutsuttu ympärileikkaamatomana eli näin oli alussa.Kuitenkin Paavali sovelsi tätkin ympärileikkaamalla yhden.

Tai Jumala sanoi Pietarille että voit syödä kaikkea saastaistakin koska alussa Jumala loi kaiken ihmiselle ravinnoksi, siis ennen lakia.

Tai pitääkö meidän pitää sabatin kijaimesta, ei koska Paavali sanoi kaikki päivät hyviksi Sabatti annettiin ihmistä varten eikä päinvastoin.

Lain mukaan Aviorikoksesta kiinniotettu nainen olisi pitänyt kivittää. mutta Jeesus katsoi alkuun ja sanoi joka teistä on synnitön heittäköön ensimmäisen kiven.

( Päivitetty: 23.11.2010 14:25 )


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